Global Warming: How Much Progress Has The U.S. Made?

Global Warming: How Much Progress Has The U.S. Made? And What We Can Do To Reduce Global Warming Your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System contributes to Global Warming.  How much your home contributes is largely determined by how much energy you consume.  To reduce your contribution to Global Warming -- reduce your home's energy [...]

November 15th, 2016|HVAC|

Growing Electricity Demand — One Way Texas Is Keeping Up

Al’s Plano, TX Plumbing   Growing Electricity Demand -- One Way Texas Is Keeping Up With our population and electricity demand growing fast, one way Texas is keeping up is by lowering electricity demand with Energy-Saving and Demand Response Programs. The Electricity Reliability Council Of Texas (ERCOT) has worked to establish these programs to reduce stress on [...]

November 15th, 2016|HVAC|

Reduce Greenhouse Gases With A Heat Pump?

Can Heat Pumps Reduce Greenhouse Gases? Greenhouse gases in the earth’s absorb heat from the sun's rays.  By nature, this heat is absorbed and released.   In reality, some of the heat to be released is blocked by greenhouse gases.  The more of these gases that exist, the more heat is prevented from escaping into [...]

November 14th, 2016|HVAC|

Your Carbon Footprint & Your Home’s HVAC System

Al's Plano, TX Plumbing   Your Home's Heating & Cooling System And Your Carbon Footprint Reduce Your Carbon Footprint -- And You Reduce Your Energy Bills This article describes how your home and its HVAC system contribute to your Personal Carbon Footprint.  In short, burning fossil-fuels adds to Greenhouse-Emissions, which is what's causing the Globe [...]

November 14th, 2016|HVAC|

Instant Hot Water Dispenser — Hot Water Any Time You Want It

Al's Plano, TX Plumbing   Instant Hot Water Dispenser -- Hot Water Any Time You Want It! An Instant Hot Water Dispenser is quite simple.  A cold-water line runs to the tank & another line takes the hot water to the separate faucet.  The tank is electric and thermostat controlled, so you can choose the [...]

November 8th, 2016|Plumbing|

Porcelain Toilet Parts: Identifying Each Component In The Toilet Tank

Al's Plano, TX Plumbing   Porcelain Toilet:  Parts Identification & Basic Toilet Repairs These Toilet Parts Are Inside Every Toilet Tank: These toilet parts are found in every toilet.  You can buy replacement toilet parts on-line, at big-box home improvement stores and at hardware stores. Fill-Tube is white and located in the center of the [...]

November 8th, 2016|Plumbing|

Whistling Water Pipes — Causes & Cures

Al's Plano, TX Plumbing   Whistling Or Banging Water Pipes - Causes & Cures Whistling Whistling or squealing in pipes results from water being forced through a smaller opening than the original plumbing components are designed for.  This is a result of wear & tear, or water mineral build-up in faucets and wall shut-off valves. [...]

November 7th, 2016|Plumbing|

RainWater and GreyWater Will Water Your Lawn For Free

Water Your Lawn With Less Cost, Or Free, With RainWater and GreyWater Collection, Storage, and Pumping Systems   There are technologies currently available (with more on the way) for minimizing lawn-watering water usage, and capturing & distributing RainWater and "GreyWater" to use for watering your lawn.  Gray water comes from your washing machine and showers.  It's [...]

October 20th, 2016|Plumbing|

Energy Star Water Heater Versus Standard Efficiency — Your Lifetime Cost For Each

Energy Star Water Heater Versus Standard Efficiency Your Lifetime Cost For Each After cooling and heating costs, water heating is the next largest energy consumer in your home.  If you are considering replacing your gas or electric water heater, choosing an Energy Star water heater may save you money over the lifespan of the new water heater. [...]

October 18th, 2016|Plumbing|

A Federal Pacific Electrical Panel Is Dangerous — Does Your DFW Home Have One?

A Federal Pacific Electrical Panel Is A Fire Waiting To Happen!   PLEASE NOTE: Al's Plumbing, Heating & A/C does not have an Electric-Service Division.  Al's does not perform electrical work outside of installing HVAC Systems and electric water heaters. This Article is written as a Public Service, warning homeowners of the dangers if their [...]

October 12th, 2016|Uncategorized|