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Hot water by the gallons.

water heater installation costTraditional water heaters, whether gas or electric, still offer some big benefits over tankless systems. Just depends on what benefits are important to you.

  • Traditional water heaters offer a lower initial purchase price compared to tankless.
  • They’re great for large households, especially if you like to run the dishwasher or washing machine while you shower.
  • In the case of electrical outage, hot water is still available with a tank- type water heater.

An Al’s plumber can help you make the decision between a tank-type water heater, tankless or a hybrid of both. We can also help you decide what size tank might be best for your typical daily use.

Whatever water heater type you choose, installation and repair is best left to a professional at Al’s. This is dangerous stuff and requires a permit by state law. Al’s certified plumbers will ensure you get the best hot water solution, without being in hot water over an improper install.

Also, if you have questions on water heater installation cost, contact us now and we’ll help you get started! Ask about the newest tankless water heater technology. Use the Energy Star Home Tool to learn new ways to save.