Richardson, Texas

Have Your New Home Inspected by Al’s Plumbing

Richardson TexasAre you interested in purchasing a new home in the Richardson area and want to have the Richardson plumbing and HVAC systems inspected before you put down any cash? No problem. At Al’s Plumbing Richardon we do more than just help you repair a leak or unclog a drain. We have experienced inspectors who can assess the current condition of any home’s plumbing, heating, and air conditioner systems. Don’t take a real estate agent’s advice on the current condition of these systems. Let our professionals tell you what’s really going on with the pipes and ventilation before you buy.

Kitchen and Bathroom Inspections

Two of the most used rooms in a home are the kitchen and bathroom. Our Richardson plumbers have experience assessing the current condition of pipe lines, faucets, disposals, water supply and pressure, sinks, and toilets. Everything will be checked top to bottom to insure that you won’t need drain cleaning or water leak detection before you buy. Our plumbers will check for leaks, record any noticeable odors, and make sure you won’t need a surprise costly sewer repair after you purchase the home.

Don’t worry. They won’t forget to check out the laundry room, including the water heater, hose lines, and drains. If they think it’s a good idea, they may even discuss the use of tankless water heaters to help you save money in your new home.

Outside Inspections

An inspection from Al’s Plumbing Richardson wouldn’t be complete without checking the outside of the home. Our technician will note if slab leak detection is needed for the foundation of the home, and make sure that no heating or air conditioner repair is needed for the outside unit.

We offer a variety of products and services to help Richardson homeowners live comfortably in their homes. Whether your new home will need extensive work or just a simple air conditioning repair, our technicians will thoroughly inspect the property so you don’t end up with any costly surprises.

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